At SkyPhotoUk we offer professional aerial photography and 4K Ultra HD resolution aerial filming with a fast turnaround and impressive results using the latest in drone technology.

Based in Brighton, East Sussex, SkyPhotoUk remain at the front of 21st century photography, on land or in the air.

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CAA Approval

SkyPhotoUk hold a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) issued by the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) for both day and night flights. This means our pilots have received the appropriate pilot training by a recognised CAA approved training centre. This is the mandatory licensing procedure within the UK required for all commercial drone operations and is your guarantee of competence and safe handling.


We operate with public liability insurance of £1,000,000 but this can be increased if required by a client. 

CAA permission (Reg No.4511) for both day and night work 

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Safety First


As part of our CCA permission SkyPhotoUk also:

Keep full and accurate records of all flights, pre-flight records and any surveys carried out.

Each flight is subject to its own individual risk assessment and flights are always at the pilots discretion;

CAA aerial photography


No two clients require the same, so our prices vary depending on your needs. The prices below are a guide to what can be expected using a standard 4k UHDef drone.

Up to 2 hours from £200

Half a day from £400

Full day from £600

Milleage charge:

If you are further than 30 miles from Brighton there may be travel surcharge  depending on the length of the job. Please ask for details.

All our prices include:

Free consultation

Pre-flight plan, preparation, on-site survey and shoot setup.


​​To get a bespoke price to fit your requirements, please contact for a free, no obligation quote.

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Frequent Questions

Where will SkyPhotoUk operate?

We are based in Brighton, East Sussex, but can provide our aerial photography services throughout the UK and the European Union. Please get in touch to discuss your exact site/location.

Does SkyPhotoUk have permission to operate commercially?

Yes. We hold a PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operations) granted by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). This means we have had to undertake training and create an approved operations manual for our commercial drone operations, We are also required to hold adequate insurance cover for all our drone services. Our registration number with the CAA is 4511

Are SkyPhotoUk drone pilots qualified?

Yes. Our pilots trained at the UK's foremost drone training centre run by CAA approved Commercial Drone Training in Devon.

Is SkyPhotoUk insured?

Yes, we are covered by £1 million of Public Liability Insurance. This can be increased on a clients request.

What are the advantages of using a drone for aerial photography?

A drone is very versatile and can capture footage from previously unseen perspectives. It can be deployed quickly, get to small spaces compared with a helicopter or plane, fly close to target objects and can even fly indoors. We can program a drone's flight or fly it manually to capture the perfect shots with the high quality camera on board. Using a drone is also very cost-effective, much more so than hiring a helicopter or erecting scaffolding to facilitate the same job.

Can SkyPhotoUk fly in bad weather?

Using our waterproof drone SkyPhotoUk are one of very few drone companies who can fly in wet conditions. However, we don't fly in winds over 25 mph. We check the weather forecast regularly and prior to any shoot to ensure that it is safe to go ahead as planned. Unfortunately, if the weather isn't good enough to fly on the scheduled date, we will arrange an alternative date to fly.

Can SkyPhotoUk drones fly over other people?

We must always remain more than 50 metres from any person and 150 metres of crowds greater than 1,000 people, unless they are under our control. We are happy to fly over people within our control and who have been notified of our operations.

Can SkyPhotoUk drones fly in built-up areas?

We must always remain at least 50 metres from any vessel, vehicle or structure not under our control. If permission is granted by the owner, we can fly as close as we like, assuming we stay within other rules set out by the CAA. Drone operators that are not approved by the CAA must remain at least 150 m from any congested or built up areas.

How far away can SkyPhotoUk drones fly?

Under standard permissions we are permitted to fly to a maximum distance of 500m from the drone pilot, who needs to maintain unaided visual line of sight with the drone at all times. This gives a circular area of 1km diameter for our operations.

How high can SkyPhotoUk drones fly?

Under standard permissions we can to fly at a maximum altitude of 400 ft (120 metres).

Can SkyPhotoUk drones fly at night?

Yes, we are specifically approved by the CAA for commercial night operations. Night is considered to be 30 minutes after sunset until 30 minutes before dawn.

Can SkyPhotoUk drones fly in London?

Large parts of London require special permision from the CAA for our drones to fly. . These permissions can be obtained upon special request to the CAA and normally take 28 days.

How long can SkyPhotoUk drones fly for?

This depends on the drone being used. Our main drone can remain airborne for approximately 25 minutes. To fly longer the drone would need to land in order for the flight battery to be changed.

Can SkyPhotoUk drones fly indoors?

Yes, we can fly indoors with all our drones, providing there is enough space. SkyPhotoUk has recently aquired a DJI Spark, an exceptionaly small aircraft which alows us to fly in very small spaces.

What format can I receive my footage or photos in?

We can usually supply your video footage or photos in whatever format you prefer. For photos it's usually JPEG and for videos it's usually MP4 or MOV. We have industry standard Final Cut Pro X editing software by Apple and can convert your files to whatever format you need or we can supply the unedited 'raw' files/footage. Please get in touch to discuss further.

Does SkyPhotoUk offer an editing service?

Yes. We do usually edit all aerial photos and video footage, unless this is not required.

How quickly can I have the photos / footage?

We aim to provide a 7 day turnaround from being on site to delivering the edited files. However, this all depends on the specifications of the project, the desired end product format and the amount of post-production work involved. If you contact us with your requirements we can give you a more precise timescale to suit your project.

Do I need to get permissions for your work?

You will need to ask permission from anyone who is going to be on film and each project must be assessed individually. Please contact us and we can advise of any additional permissions that may be required.

Can I buy and fly my own drone to take photos or videos for my business?

Yes, but only if you have a Permission for Commercial Operations (PfCO) certificate issued by the CAA. It is illegal to fly a drone for commercial purposes without a PfCO. It is also a requirement to have adequate insurance cover in place. Commercial purposes does not mean for payment so we advise strongly against the use of any uncertified pilot as you would be held responsible in the event of an accident. At SkyPhotoUK we have the CAA PfCO, have had to undertake professional training, and we have the documentation required to support our commercial drone operations, including an assessment on our competence and safe handling. We are fully insured and covered by public liability insurance for everything we do.

Can anyone sell aerial photographs taken from a drone?

No, in order to sell aerial photographs taken from a drone, the operator must have permission from the CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) for commercial work (PfCO)

Do you have further questions or require a quote?

Please complete our contact form and we will get back to you within 1 working day.